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Welcome to ShelbyNet.com

Shelbynet.com provides you will anything from simple point-of-presence websites to full blown co-location servers where you can "roll your own." We have over 50 years combined experience developing databases, administering servers, building websites and more.

If you are looking to have a system that has redundant power systems, security, and a very wide pipe to the internet, we are your answer.

Here is what we offer for our systems:

  • Connection to redundant OC3's
  • A dedicated 10/100mbps switched Ethernet port
  • No local loop charges
  • High reliability, with excellent network uptime (99.9%)
  • Competitive bandwidth pricing
  • reboots
  • Software patches and upgrades
  • Backup generator power
  • Secure, temperature-controlled environment
  • Network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Security camera surveillance 24/7
  • Controlled office alarm system w/security guard protection services